How to Accomplish Sea Carapace Candles

How to Accomplish Sea Carapace Candles

Collecting sea shells forth the bank is a admired kid's summertime activity. This accessible sea carapace candle ability shows you how.

When completed, besprinkle sea carapace candles about your affair table forth with added bank souvenirs, such as starfish and beach dollars. Larger shells can be acclimated as altered centerpieces, or emphasis pieces in the bedchamber or bath.

The absolute gift for a seaside-themed party.

Bar of paraffin


Metal wick holders

Double boiler with a cloudburst lip


Stubs of black candles

If you can't acquisition metal wick holders, abolish the wicks bargain tea lights. Use stubs from black candles to accomplish candles in assorted shades.


Clean shells in a 10% achromatize solution. Rinse with air-conditioned baptize and let dry.

Cut up the paraffin block into abate chunks with a aciculate knife. Use the paraffin as is, or you may ambition to add $.25 of black wax for altered blush combinations. Experiment with blush blends, but bethink that the wax will be a adumbration darker back it dries.

Cover a abiding apparent with artificial or newspapers. Balance one of the shells on a baby cup and boring cascade in the broiled wax. Immediately abode the wick and wick holder in the centermost of the shell. Light up and get pleasure your admirable sea carapace candles

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