Row of Flowers Craft - Free Craft for kids

Flowers Craft

This bright row of flowers will brighten up any room. Use your imagination to create more types of flowers.

Flowers Craft

Materials Required

1. Sheet A4 white paper
2. Coloured pop sticks
3. Coloured patty pans
4. Thin double-sided sticky tape (DSST)
5. Bright green paper
6. Bright buttons
7. Other embellishments eg cotton wool, paper or faom shapes, stickers, sequins, small patty pans, material flower shapes, glitter glue, glitter etc...
8. Craft Glue

Flowers Craft


1. Cut out leaf shapes from the bright green paper
2. Lay a strip of DSST along the back of3 or 4 pop sticks (these will be the flower stems).
3. Remove the backing from the DSST and adhere the base of two green paper leaves onto the DSST, so that the leaves will stick out from behind the pop stick stems.
4. Adhere the pop sticks onto the A4 white paper along the bottom, evenly spaced.
5. Place a small piece of DSST on the back of patty pans, and adhere them at the top of each of the pop sticks to be the flowers.
6. Embellish your flowers - use the pictures provided for imspiration and let your imagination run wild...HINT: Use DSST to adhere your embellishments where possible, as this reduces mess and doesn't need to dry.
7. Use DSST or glue to place a button at the centre of each flower

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